April 4 Easter Saturday

Easter Saturday
What a day! Cold and wet!
I am coughing a lot so need to get some medicine.
This morning it looked overcast and threatening rain, but we walked up to the castle. Quite a climb and some nice views of the terraces. But at the top, the castle was closed and marked, private property, even though it has a UNESCO sign on it.



6 thoughts on “April 4 Easter Saturday

  1. Dear Kate hi The cold has got me too and I am coughing bad too. It is Ester Saturday 10.05 pm and big snow is coming down. Hope you will see more Castles that are open. You must have lost some weigh by all these walking everyday . Good for you. Love you Pari


    1. Dear Pari,
      So sorry to hear you have a cold, too. I feel better after getting antibiotic . Take another tonight then every 12hours for 4 days.
      No snow, though!,
      Wish you were here we would have a laugh. Lots of shops!!
      Rained all day
      Love Kate


    2. Hi Pari , I got some antibiotic medication and my coughing stopped almost immediately after just one tablet! Hope you have got rid of your cough. Although it is not snowing, it is not good weather…cold and windy. So the spring flowers are late. The Wisteria. Started to open after that severe rainstorm on Saturday. Went to a lovely place today . Villa Cimbrone, see my blog for Tuesday. Tomorrow we are going to Pompeii Love Kate Xx

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  2. Sorry to hear you have a bad cough but take care hope the weather gets better for you . we loved that area of Italy enjoy love to mike xx


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